About Cancer Intimates

Intimate apparel is sexy.  From swimsuits to lingerie, intimate wear is designed for people of all shapes and sizes.

Depending on where you live, swimwear may be seasonal, but nonetheless everyone wants something they can feel good in. While swimwear is largely seasonal, lingerie, however, can be worn year-around from special occasions to anytime you want to feel sexy.

Cancer Intimates started as a mission to create a one-stop shop for women with breast cancer. As a social worker, I worked in oncology for nearly eight years.  During that time I made countless referrals to websites, specialty boutiques and local shops for women (and their partners) who wanted a bra, swimsuit or lingerie that met their needs.

Women who underwent a singular mastectomy searched high and low for complimentary breast forms, seeking symmetry and comfort. Other women wanted swimsuits designed to hide surgical scars or enhance femininity, while other women asked where they could find temporary nipples.  My resources were expanding and so were the requests; I felt compelled to help and to design a simpler process.

Soon, I had the idea to create a website. While I started with the idea to provide resources to breast cancer patients and survivors, I expanded to stoma and ostomy wear because so few resources existed for colon / bladder cancer patients or persons impacted by Crohn’s disease or diverticulitis.

Cancer Intimates was born to provide a one-stop shopping experience for men and women seeking sport, leisure or sexy-time wear for themselves or their partners.

Have a look our our comprehensive catalogue. I hope you find something you love.