Mastectomy Drain Shower Pocket (Single)


Wear Shower Pockets to provide support to your mastectomy JP drain while showering. Shower with ease wearing Shower Pockets. Buy one for a unilateral (singular) mastectomy or buy two if you have more than one drain to take care of while showering.

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Product information

If you recently had a mastectomy, the Shower Pocket is your buddy for the next ten days or so. Use the Shower Pocket to safely house your drain (JP drain) so that you can shower with ease.

How to wear

Loop the open end of the Shower Pocket into your surgical wrap and/or bandage. Next, gently place your JP drain (the bulb) into the Shower Pocket and take a shower.

This product is versatile and can be worn throughout the day too. It’s not just limited to the shower.

As an added bonus, once your drain is out, you can use the Shower Pocket as a personal caddie. Store eye glasses, credit cards or even stash a flask beneath your undergarments! Check out the pictures!


Nylon covered Neoprene

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