Ostomy / Stoma Swimsuit in Sandy Stripe


An ostomy / stoma friendly swimsuit for the beach by the UK-based company Vanilla Blush. This swimsuit comes in the color Sandy Stripe…you’re gonna look so good!

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Product Information

Delighted to bring these fantastic designs to you, Vanilla Blush (a UK-based company) really outdid themselves with Sandy Stripe, Mellow Yellow and Blushing Burgundy ostomy / stoma friendly swimsuits.

Three amazing All in One swimsuits.

The design of these Swimsuits means that they can act as three in one, while being an all in one!!

How to wear

Firstly step into your choice of swimsuit and place your ostomy appliance in the ostomy pocket that runs from the left to the right. This sweet swimsuit is made to accommodate all ostomies once your appliance is angled towards your inner leg.

Next, pull the swimsuit up and over your shoulders, this way, you will be inside the one piece but still have an outer longer piece on the outside. Now you can choose to pull the draw strings to allow the longer outer piece to ruffle up, allowing for more disguise of your ostomy. You can adjust just half way allowing you to be on trend with this seasons Vintage fashion.

Size Considerations

These swimsuits have lots of tummy support and for this reason, they can come up a little small so we recommend ordering one size up.

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